Detroit Film Festivals Showcasing Local Talent

Detroit Film Festivals

If Detroit wants to become a world-class cinematic city, it needs to harness its local creative talent. Films like these are an important step in that direction.

Qasim Basir’s drama about the first all-Black WWII battalion is a tough one, but it’s also beautifully shot and emotionally touching. It’s a must-see.

The Detroit Black Film Festival

The Detroit Black Film Festival is a showcase of independent films made by black filmmakers. It offers a diverse selection of narratives, including documentaries and dramas. The festival will run from Friday to Sunday, and tickets are available online through Eventbrite. The films will be screened at two venues: the Carr Center inside Park Shelton (15 E. Kirby St.) and the Marlene Boll Theater at the Downtown Detroit YMCA (1401 Broadway St.).

Locked Out, which recently won the Shine a Light award at the American Black Film Festival in Miami, follows Detroit women fighting modern-day redlining to own their homes. Director Kate Davis and co-director Luchina Fisher talk to Gadi Elkon about the film, its team, and more.

This weekend, metro Detroiters can take in 74 independent movies at the 3rd annual Detroit Black Film Festival. They can also enjoy a variety of other cultural events, from eating halal food to watching a performance by Peter Gabriel.

The Michigan Refugee Film Festival

The Michigan Refugee Film Festival is a new series of films from the Southeast Michigan Refugee Collaborative. The films focus on refugee stories and highlight their contributions to the United States. They hope to counteract the anti-refugee sentiment that has been circulating in the US.

The first film of the festival, Simple as Water, was filmed over five years in multiple countries and chronicles Syrian families’ struggle to overcome the effects of war and separation. It is a powerful film that shows the humanity of refugees and their desire to live in peace.

The founder of the festival, Michael Moore, announced on Thursday that the Traverse City Film Festival would return with a year-round format. The new TCFF Tuesdays will feature 52 stellar movies over 52 weeks. It will be held at the State Theater in Traverse City and feature many of the same edgy, entertaining fare that made the original festival famous. It will also be a great opportunity to meet local filmmakers.

The Detroit Film Theatre

This is the Detroit Film Theatre, a theater inside the Detroit Institute of Arts that has been showing highly acclaimed films since 1974. Its current winter/spring schedule features a range of movies that cover topics from an illegal adoption agency to a woman on trial for murdering her child.

One highlight is a screening of Federico Fellini’s 1957 classic “Nights of Cabiria,” the story of a prostitute who weathers betrayals and suffering with a wry sense of humor. Another is a documentary about Detroiters who are working to bring the city back from the brink.

This year’s festival also includes several short films, including “Fractured Hope,” a drama about parents of an autistic child directed by Highland Park native James C. Turner, and “Intimate Betrayals,” a story about infidelity directed by Detroiters Mike Jeffers and the late Melissa Talbot. Both films are available to watch on Tubi. The festival is open to all. The DTIFF also offers workshops and discussions led by local and national experts.

Film Freeway

Film Freeway is the world’s leading submissions platform for films, contests and screenplays. Over 12,000 festivals and contests use FilmFreeway to collect submissions, manage judging forms, and stay organized. Customizable dashboard analytics, reports and a secure entrant portal provide a better experience for submitters and organizers alike.

The festival accepts films in the categories of animation, comedy, drama, documentary, experimental, LGBTIQA+ and music video. Films with a Detroit or Michigan connection are strongly encouraged to be submitted. Running lengths should be no longer than 25 minutes. Non-English language films must have legible English subtitles.

By submitting a film to the BCFF, all authors and owners of the film grant the festival a nonexclusive, global, royalty-free license and right to publicly display the film for promotional purposes. If selected for screening, the film must be presented at the event in front of a live audience on the Event Date listed on the festival’s FilmFreeway listing. If the festival is unable to present the film for the full duration of its run, it will forfeit all security hold amount.

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The Pros and Cons of Film Festivals

Are Film Festivals Worth It?

For filmmakers, film festivals are a place where they can peddle their projects to producers and distributors. They also have the chance to meet buyers and consult with agents.

It’s hard to make money at film festivals, but you can meet people who can help you with your next project. You can also sell merchandise and engage with fans.

Merchandise Sales

Filmmakers pour their hearts and soul into projects they’ve spent hundreds, sometimes thousands of hours on. Then, they spend even more time and money promoting their films at film festivals.

Merchandise sales can be a great way to recoup costs. Filmmakers can sell items at their screenings or at their booths during the festival. It’s also common for filmmakers to hire someone to design promotional materials like posters, postcards and DVDs for the event.

Depending on how much the filmmaker has to spend on merchandise sales and other festival expenses, they may not be able to make a profit. But they can still have a good shot at it with careful planning and budgeting.

Q&A Session

Filmmakers often participate in question and answer sessions with their audiences during a film festival screening. These sessions can provide valuable exposure for the filmmaker and their film.

Q&A sessions and other events such as red-carpet presentations, awards ceremonies, industry talks and panel discussions are also typically made available online for on-demand viewing (Stevens, 2017). However, several industry professionals note that the physical experience of a film festival has an inherent value that can’t be replicated through digital platforms.

One such professional says that a great Q&A session can leave your audience with good vibes that translate into strong word-of-mouth beyond the film festival. Conversely, a bad after-film discussion can do more harm than good. For example, Groth points to a Sundance filmmaker who got into an argument with audience members during a Q&A and saw the film fail to gain the life it deserved after the festival. Avoid this kind of mistake by letting the audience know ahead of time that questions will be accepted.

Autograph Sessions

Filmmakers like to interact with their audiences, and signing autographs can be a great way to do that. Whether you’re a director or star of the film, having an autograph session can help boost sales and promote the movie.

If your film is accepted into a festival, you will need to spend money on promotional materials. This includes posters and stills from your film, and many filmmakers opt to hire professional designers to create these assets. These costs can add up quickly and should be factored into your budget.

Film festivals aren’t all scams, but they are a lot of work and can be very expensive for filmmakers. If you have the funds and time to attend, it’s worth the experience for the perks, networking opportunities, and industry contacts. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider a regional or smaller festival. They may offer the same benefits without the glitz and glamour of Sundance or Cannes.

Peddling Your Project

Film festivals can be expensive, especially for filmmakers submitting films. They often pay a submission fee and then attend the festival hoping to secure distribution deals. Unless they have a celebrity attached to the project or a film that addresses a topic millions of people will care about, or has won a bunch of awards, they’re unlikely to get picked up by distributors.

That’s why filmmakers need to be proactive during the festival and use the opportunity to meet with potential buyers, producers, or distributors. They should also be able to speak intelligently about their film and pitch it to anyone who will listen.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding film festivals. It’s easy to see the two extremes on Reddit, where people say “film festivals are the key to Hollywood” and “they’re all BS.” The truth is that film festivals are tools that work for specific films in certain instances. Those who recognize this and look at them as opportunities will most likely succeed.

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Experience the Best of Mountain Culture and Adventure at the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

Banff Mountain Film Festival

The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is an annual international film event showcasing the best of mountain culture, sport, environment and adventure & exploration. It was started in 1976 by the Banff Centre.

From exploring remote vistas to analyzing topical environmental issues and displaying adrenaline-packed action sports, this event has something for everyone!


The festival offers a variety of films on mountain culture, environment and adventure. The program is divided into several categories and includes films from both amateur and professional filmmakers. Each year, a pre-selection committee selects the finalists for the competition. These films are then sent to the host organizers of the World Tour, who choose a selection for their local screenings.

The resulting programs are awe-inspiring and offer a diversity of outdoor adventure films. Some are shown in live theatres, and others are available for viewing online. You can rent individual films, or a full award winner film bundle for $25 CAD. This is a great option for people who don’t have the time to attend the live events. However, you should note that the films in this program are only available for a limited time. So, if you’re interested in the program, be sure to watch it before it expires. Also, it’s important to remember that you should not upload copyrighted material to this platform.

Audience Choice

Each year, a selection of the best films entered in the festival goes on tour. The host organization in each community chooses a program that reflects the interests of their audience and creates a unique celebration of local adventure. The program also includes a film competition. A pre-screening committee selects finalists to be shown at the festival, and an international film jury awards prizes in the categories of Grand Prize, Climbing, Mountain Sports, Mountain Environment, Mountain Culture, Short Mountain Film, and Feature-Length Mountain Film.

Go off the beaten path and explore the edge of what is believable with captivating stories from this year’s Banff Centre Mountain Film World Tour. From exploration of remote landscapes to adrenaline-fueled action sports, these films are sure to entertain and inspire. For more information on the event and to see the full film lineup, visit the festival website. The event is presented by Rab, Banff and Lake Louise Tourism, and BUFF.


The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour is one of the largest and most prestigious mountain culture festivals in the world. It brings a curated lineup of films to theatres around the globe. Whether exploring remote vistas or showing audiences up close and personal with adrenaline-packed action sports, this series of events inspires and entertains.

The host organization in each tour location chooses a program that reflects their community and event. The program features a variety of styles and themes including climbing, skiing, kayaking, biking, environment, mountain culture, and adventure.

The Entrant grants to the Festival and its successors, assigns and licensees the right to use, reproduce, publish, and promote all or part of the entry in any media now known or hereafter devised for any purpose. This includes but is not limited to the Festival website, print and electronic promotional materials and any other future uses. The Entrant further agrees to waive any moral or author’s rights in the Entry.

Final Words

The Banff Film Festival is a nine-day event that features films from around the world. It includes a variety of subject-based categories such as climbing, mountain expeditions, remote cultures and the world’s last great wild places. The film competition is open to all filmmakers and there are multiple awards given to the winners.

All film entries entered through FilmFreeway will be made available for viewing during the Festival to a selection of filmmakers, distributors, festival directors, and Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour hosts, and may be used post-Festival in a wide variety of promotional media and digital platforms. Film finalists will be asked to provide additional versions of their film as requested by the Festival.

Each year, Mountain Chalet hosts a night of the film festival. It is a great way to see some amazing films and support RMFI’s important work. Tickets are available online and in-store. To purchase yours today, click here!

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Bringing the Magic of the Stadium to Your Screen

In the rush and excitement of modern life, there exists a passion that unites millions around the world: the thrill of sports. The adrenaline-fueled moments, the nail-biting cliffhangers, the thunderous roars of crowds witnessing history – nothing quite compares to the allure of live sports. Today, we delve into the heart of athletic fervor through 스포츠중계, or sports broadcasting, an indispensable treasure that brings the magic of the stadium to your screen.

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your home but feeling the roar of the stadium as if seated in the front row. That’s the power of 스포츠중계; it transcends physical boundaries and delivers the pulsating excitement directly to you, regardless of where you are. It’s not just a broadcast; it’s a portal to the playing field, an experience shared in real-time with millions, creating a tapestry of communal experience that’s weaved together by the drama of sports.

The importance of 스포츠중계 is immense, serving a dual purpose. For the eager fan, it’s their ticket to the game when they can’t be there in person. For the sports industry, it’s the lifeline that connects their product to the masses, driving both the emotional and the economic engine that defines the world of sports. This connectivity is why sports broadcasting has become an art and a science, employing state-of-the-art technology to capture every angle, every play, every powerful emotion unleashed during the game.

Engaging in 스포츠중계 allows for a unique narrative to be told, one that’s brought to life by the commentators whose voices become synonymous with iconic moments. The commentary is more than a simple play-by-play; it’s the soundtrack to the sporting drama, imparting knowledge, emotion and insight, enriching the viewer’s experience.

As we reach the crescendo of our exploration, let’s not forget the technological advancements that make 스포츠중계 so immersive. High-definition cameras, slow-motion replays, virtual reality experiences—they all play a role in bringing you closer to the action. The goal is to create an experience so vivid, so real, that you feel every heartbeat of the match, every strain of the athlete, every ecstatic triumph, and every crushing defeat.

In conclusion, 스포츠중계 isn’t just about broadcasting a game; it’s about creating a shared experience that resonates on a global scale, uniting fans in their love for the sport. It takes a simple game and elevates it to a worldwide event, full of passion, excitement, and human connection.


1. What is 스포츠중계?
스포츠중계 is the Korean term for sports broadcasting, which includes the live coverage of sports events through various media outlets.

2. Why is sports broadcasting important?
It’s a critical link between the sports event and the audience, providing access for all fans to enjoy the game, regardless of their location, and it also significantly contributes to the economic aspect of sports.

3. How has technology changed sports broadcasting?
Advances in technology have greatly enhanced the viewer’s experience, offering high-definition video, slow-motion replays, and interactive features that bring fans closer to the action than ever before.

4. Can sports broadcasting affect the atmosphere of a game?
Yes, the quality of the broadcast, including the skill of the commentators, can greatly influence the atmosphere of the game, making it more exciting and engaging for the viewers.

5. Is 스포츠중계 available for all sports?
While most popular sports are regularly broadcast, the availability of broadcasting for a particular sport may vary depending on the region, the sport’s popularity, and the broadcasting rights owned by networks.…

2023 Film Festival Calendar: A Guide to the World’s Top Film Festivals

Film Festival Calendar 2023

Film festivals provide remarkable opportunities for filmmakers and moviegoers alike. Whether you’re looking to submit your work or simply to enjoy some cinematic magic, this regularly updated calendar has everything you need.

From Romanian Academy Award contenders to an upcoming documentary about a Brooklyn neighborhood, here are the films heading for this fall’s festival circuit.

Carnegie Mellon University International Film Festival

Carnegie Mellon University is an American private research and teaching institution based in Pittsburgh. The university is known for its interdisciplinary approach to education, with programs in artificial intelligence, art management, computational finance, management and information systems, computer science, cognitive sciences, design and robotics. It also has an extensive international program, including a summer study abroad program for high school students.

The CMU International Film Festival, which opened last Thursday, is dedicated to Paul Goodman, a world-renowned filmmaker, psychologist and CMU professor. It mirrors his dedication to global awareness in his teaching and his desire to bring important aspects of diverse individuals to light through filmmaking, according to organizers. The festival features films from around the world. They include “Casablanca Beats,” from Morocco, which examines hip-hop music and dance as central modes of protest and free expression.

Tokyo International Film Festival

The Tokyo International Film Festival is the only Japanese festival accredited by the prestigious International Federation of Film Producers Associations. The festival was established in 1985 and seeks out excellent films from around the world to show them in Japan.

The 36th edition of the Tokyo International Film Festival opens October 23 and will feature 15 titles in its main competition strand. This year’s lineup includes three films from China (up from two last year), including crime drama A Long Shot and Snow Leopard, the final film by Tibetan auteur Pema Tseden. The selection also includes (Ab)normal Desire from Kishi Yoshiyuki, a Berlinale Generation Kplus entry, and slow-burn realist drama A Foggy Paradise from Kotsuji Yohei.

This year’s event will also include a tribute to the iconic director Yasujiro Ozu, 120 years after his birth.

Tokyo International Children’s Film Festival

The Tokyo International Children’s Film Festival is Japan’s largest and most important kids’ fest. It focuses on films that appeal to both kids and adults. The festival has a section for international works and a special screening of restored classics. It also has an open competition section for movies made for kids.

The film festival is an event that brings people together to celebrate the art of cinema. Its history dates back to the 19th century and it has helped shape the industry. Some famous festivals include Cannes, Venice and the New York City Film Festival.

Korean actor Lee Sun-kyun is making a name for himself in the world of cinema. He appeared in Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite and Project Silence and has been invited to Cannes multiple times.

Tokyo International Documentary Film Festival

The festival offers screenings and events allowing audiences to interact with filmmakers and actors. It also provides a platform for emerging directors to showcase their work. All film screenings are accompanied by subtitles and interpreted by sign language interpreters for barrier-free access.

This year’s 15-film competition section has an intentional focus on Asian cinema, with three films from China (including Dwelling by the West Lake, Snow Leopard and A Long Shot) matched by three Japan titles (Tomina Tetsuya’s existential romance Who Were We?, Kishi Yoshiyuki’s drama (Ab)normal Desire and Kotsijui Yohei’s slow-burn realist drama A Foggy Paradise).

The festival’s gala section features crowdpleasers such as Yorgos Lanthimos’ Venice Golden Lion winner Poor Things, Tran Anh Hung’s Cannes best director contender The Taste of Things and Taika Waititi’s soccer comedy Next Goal Wins. The festival will also celebrate the works of Yasujiro Ozu with a major retrospective of 33 of his films.

Tokyo International Youth Film Festival

The oldest film festival in Japan has maintained its prominence among the world’s cinema fests. It features a diverse lineup of movies, and its screenings are often sold out.

The program is largely dominated by Japanese films. However, this year’s festival is establishing closer ties to Asia and boosting the size of its programme.

For example, the festival is holding its first ever Asian Future competition to spotlight rising directors with up to three features under their belts. This year’s lineup includes US film The Persian Version by Maryam Keshavarz, a Berlinale Generation Kplus selection titled Air by Venice Silver Lion-winning director Alexey German Jr, and Filipino director Sheron Dayoc’s elegy for music icon Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Other highlights include a remastering of Japanese director Satsuo Yamamoto’s ‘Shoulders of Giants’ and two digitally restored works from Jojo Hideo, who is active across several genres.

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The Exciting World of MLB Relays and Baseball Culture

While most people at a glance might not understand the term ‘mlb중계’, to baseball enthusiasts, the term brings to mind thrilling games, favorite players, heated rivalries, and iconic stadiums. MLB중계 translates to MLB relay in English, and it refers to the broadcasting of Major League Baseball (MLB) games. Let’s dive into the exhilarating world of MLB and understand why it’s loved worldwide.

From the start, baseball has been more than just a sport. It’s a testament to human spirit and determination, and Major League Baseball games perfectly encapsulate this essence. The MLB is the oldest professional sports league in the United States and Canada, comprising 30 teams. Out of these, 15 are part of the National League, and 15 are a part of the American League.

An MLB relay or mlb중계 allows fans not only to enjoy these thrilling games live but also offers comprehensive insights into each game’s statistics and player performance. For avid followers of the MLB, these relays are an invaluable source of information, aiding them in keeping up to date with their favorite teams and players.

A particular charm in MLB broadcasts is the focus on the technical aspects of the sport. Every swing, pitch, and catch is analyzed in depth. This deeper understanding of the game is why baseball fans worldwide tune in repeatedly to MLB relay broadcasts.

Moreover, MLB중계 offers a sense of community to fans. It provides a platform for fans to engage in discussions, formulate strategies, and even predict outcomes. This sense of camaraderie amongst fans is a significant part of the appeal of MLB relay broadcasts.

To conclude, MLB중계 is more than just broadcasting baseball games. It’s a vibrant community, a conduit for detailed analyses, and an inherent part of the global baseball culture. It continues to enthrall its audience with its coverage, bringing the MLB experience closer to fans around the world.

1. What is MLB중계?
MLB중계 translates to MLB Relay in English, which refers to the broadcast of Major League Baseball games.
2. How many teams are involved in MLB?
MLB involves 30 teams, 15 from the National League and 15 from the American League.
3. Why is MLB중계 important to fans?
MLB중계 offers real-time game insights, technical knowledge and acts as a platform for fans to engage in discussions.
4. What does MLB중계 offer apart from live games?
Apart from live games, MLB중계 offers comprehensive insights into player performance and other game statistics.
5. Who can access MLB중계?
Anyone with an internet connection can tune into an mlb중계 and get live coverage of MLB games.…

Traverse City Film Festival Launches TCFF Tuesdays

Ann Arbor Film Festival Awards

After months of uncertainty, the year-round incarnation of the Traverse City Film Festival has finally kicked off. TCFF Tuesdays will run in fall, winter and summer, and feature the same edgy mix of fare that made the original festival famous.

The Michigan Student Film & Video Festival is the oldest in the country offering public recognition to young filmmakers from grades K-12. Thousands of influential filmmakers have showcased their early work at the festival including Kenneth Anger, Agnes Varda, Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono and George Lucas.

The History of the Festival

The Ann Arbor Film Festival has a long history of introducing audiences to avant-garde and experimental films. The Festival has also been a pioneer of the traveling film festival tour, presenting short programs at theaters and universities around the world.

AAFF is internationally known as a forum for artist-made moving image art and has provided early exposure to thousands of filmmakers. The Festival has a rich legacy of boundary-blurring works and continues to explore new cinematic frontiers each year.

The Festival offers a diverse selection of short films covering topics such as family, identity, culture, inspiration and society. This is an Academy Award(r)-qualifying event for the Short Film category.

The Ken Burns Award

The Library of Congress Lavine/Ken Burns Prize honors late-stage, feature-length American history documentary films that use archival materials and storytelling to teach people about our country’s past. The national prize, established in 2019 and made possible by the Crimson Lion/Lavine Family Foundation, is administered by the Better Angels Society in partnership with the Library of Congress.

Iconic documentarian Ken Burns (The Civil War, Baseball, The National Parks) has long been committed to the idea that America needs to revisit its own history if it is to continue its journey toward greater racial equality. The winner of the prize will be selected by Library of Congress Director Carla Hayden and filmmaker Ken Burns.

Hollywood film producer Lawrence Kasdan graduated from Ann Arbor Pioneer High School and keeps a connection with the festival through his support of this award, which recognizes a feature length documentary that exemplifies the work of Ken Burns.

The Lawrence Kasdan Award

Presented by a generous gift from local supporters, this award celebrates the work of a filmmaker whose film explores the world of science and nature through images and sound. This year the jury selected the film that best succeeds in telling a compelling story without resorting to violence.

Screenwriter and producer Lawrence Kasdan made his mark with the 1992 blockbuster The Bodyguard, and continued to impress audiences with western epic Wyatt Earp and the Meg Ryan comedy French Kiss. Kasdan is a longtime friend of the festival and will share some personal insights about his career in an intimate conversation with AAFF co-presenter Ben Mankiewicz.

This award is supported by an endowment fund established by the DeVarti Family. It honors the 57-year friendship between Dominick’s pub and the festival and was created in memory of Chris Frayne, an early AAFF supporter.

The Terri Schwartz Award

The Terri Schwartz Award is given to the film that most successfully utilizes the tools of satire and parody. This award honors the spirit of Terri P. Schwartz (1952-2021), a University of Michigan alumna who embraced creativity and empathy throughout her life. She was particularly fond of the arts of film and world music, and treasured her friendships and experiences in immigrant communities.

The Peter Wilde Award is given to the film that best demonstrates creative and technical innovation. This award was established by generous contributions from friends of longtime projectionist Peter Wilde.

Presented by the City of Ann Arbor and DAFT, this award honors students in grades K-12 for their efforts in filmmaking. This is a great opportunity for young people to get their work seen by the community.

The Peter Wilde Award

The award named for longtime festival projectionist and master of special effects honors his creativity and pursuit of new techniques. This prize honors the film that displays the most pioneering technical innovations. Generous donors have contributed to the Peter Wilde Award Endowment Fund, which is nearing its goal of full endowment. The festival is especially grateful to Bill Davis and the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation for its Stern Legacy Challenge matching grant, which enabled us to reach this milestone.

The award honors a filmmaker whose work best engages audiences through the art of cinema, without resorting to depictions of violence. This category was generously sponsored by the Michigan Credit Union and is awarded to a film that strongly impresses the Awards Jury.

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2023 US Film Festivals: Networking, Showcasing, and Career Boosting Opportunities for Filmmakers

Top US Film Festivals 2023

Film festivals offer filmmakers the opportunity to network with industry professionals and showcase their work. Moreover, these events can be life-changing for an up-and-coming director or writer. They can help them find the right producer, distributor, or agent to take their career to the next level.

Sundance 2023 begins in Park City, Utah, with world-premiere feature films, shorts and episodic content. The lineup includes Oscar contenders Radical and Mapplethorpe.

New York Film Festival

The main slate features Yorgos Lanthimos’ Poor Things starring Emma Stone, as well as Cannes titles like Anatomy of a Fall and La Chimera. Other highlights include Todd Haynes’ May December and the U.S. premiere of Image Book.

In this Spotlight selection, legendary poet Nikki Giovanni talks about her writing practices and her experiences transmuting her life into cinema. Free and open to the public.

Rhode Island International Film Festival

As one of the top festivals in the US, Rhode Island International Film Festival features various international works alongside artist homage and festivities. RIIFF is also an Academy Award qualifying Festival for Live Action, Animation and Documentary Shorts.

Featuring over 350 films, including multiple World and US/North American Premieres, RIIFF offers many in-person screening opportunities as well as panel events featuring leading industry professionals.

Hamptons International Film Festival

The Hamptons International Film Festival celebrates independent films – long and short, fiction and documentary. It exhibits films that express fresh voices and differing global perspectives in order to enlighten audiences and provide invaluable exposure for filmmakers.

This year’s event features the Closing Night screening of Bradley Cooper’s Maestro, a compelling narrative about Leonard Bernstein and his relationship with Felicia Montealegre Cohn. Other highlights include a New York premiere of Joanna Rudnick’s Story and Pictures By, which takes viewers behind the scenes to meet the artists who create children’s picture books.


Taking place August 10-20 around Hollywood, HollyShorts features Oscar qualifying short films in four categories. This year includes a new genre category and a short-to-feature development program from Hot Pot Productions and Bitpix TV.

Documentary highlights include Emily and Sarah Kunstler’s MINK!, narrated by Tom Hanks; OSCAR winner Rayka Zehtabchi’s They Came From All Over and Jordan Matthew Horowitz’s Forgiving Johnny.

Newport Beach Film Festival

The Newport Beach Film Festival features hundreds of films over eight days. It celebrates contemporary screen culture and cinematic excellence. It also aims to foster cultural understanding and educational opportunities. It features international cinema and highlights the passion, vision and independent spirit of filmmakers.

The event is held in Newport Beach, California. It features red carpet premieres, nightly events and compelling conversations with filmmakers.

Ann Arbor Film Festival

Founded in 1963, the Ann Arbor Film Festival is the oldest avant-garde and experimental film festival in North America. Internationally recognized as a premiere forum for film as art, AAFF engages audiences with remarkable cinematic experiences.

AAFF features over one hundred films in juried competition programs. In addition to this, there are artist and filmmaker retrospectives and gallery installations.

UM Art & Design’s Mindstream Animation Station tours the community collecting visual stories and doodles to create a collective movie.

Chicago International Film Festival

The Chicago International Film Festival features an impressive selection of competitive and non-competitive programming. From established masters to emerging storytellers, the Festival celebrates the power of cinema to foster cultural understanding and artistic engagement.

From the edgy to the tender, these bold films offer new artistic perspectives on sexuality and identity. They compete for the Festival’s Q Hugo Award.

Southwest Film Festival

SXSW is at the forefront of discovery, creativity and innovation in film. The festival draws press, filmmakers, industry leaders and die-hard fans.

It is known for playing work-in-progress screenings such as Michael Dowse’s Stuber which stars Kumail Nanjiani as a mild-mannered Uber driver who picks up a cop (Dave Bautista). It also screens the documentary Breakthrough which follows a harmonica-playing scientist on his quest to cure cancer.

Austin Film Festival

Named one of Moviemaker Magazine’s “Festivals Worth the Entry Fee,” AFF celebrates storytellers who craft intricate worlds and fully-formed characters. AFF’s film competition and screenwriters conference are designed to propel filmmakers’ careers forward.

Films that have played in Austin in a theatrical setting to a public audience (excluding private invite-only screenings) are not eligible. This includes short films that have screened at other festivals or online through festival programs based in Austin.

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

Filmmakers are drawn to New Mexico’s picturesque landscapes, pristine skies, and unique culture. SFIFF showcases the latest in independent filmmaking and serves as a platform to connect filmmakers with audiences.

SFIFF was named one of MovieMaker’s “25 Coolest General Film Festivals on the Planet” in 2013. In 2023, the festival will feature a lineup that includes John Waters and Wes Studi. Events will be held at the Lensic Performing Arts Center, Violet Crown Cinema, and the Center for Contemporary Arts.

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Celebrating Innovation and Diversity: The 54th Nashville Film Festival Showcases the Power of Cinema

Nashville Film Festival (NashFilm)

The 54th Nashville Film Festival, September 28 – October 4, 2023, features film screenings, industry panels and social events. It also includes a new Creators Conference that focuses on screenwriting for episodic television.

Among the films slated for this year’s festival are a doc about Minnie Pearl and another about the family of musicians who founded the nonprofit Thistle Farms.

Festival Schedule

The festival takes place at several arts venues with film screenings, industry panels and social events. This year’s festival runs September 28 – October 4 and will feature over 140 titles with many making their World, US or North American premieres.

A number of these films will be featured in the Spotlight sections, out of competition and curated around a common theme. This includes a series of films focusing on strength in the face of adversity, such as THIS WORLD IS NOT MY OWN; THE HERRICANES, about a women’s full-tackle football team; and WORM, about a family’s quest to cure their son’s rare illness.

Nashville Film Festival is a great place to discover new movies and see what the indie scene has to offer. It’s also a fantastic resource for learning about the filmmaking process.

Spotlight Sections

Filmmakers from all over the world are tackling issues of social concern in their works. The Documentary Spotlight section will showcase a number of high-profile premieres, including “ACORN and the Firestorm,” which charts the organization’s social zenith before a hidden-camera scandal brought it all crashing down.

Other notable documentary films include “This Is Not America” (World Premiere), which explores the effects of the Trump presidency, and “Say Her Name,” an investigation into the murder of transgender activist Marsha P. Johnson.

The Nashville-made feature film selections this year are diverse and heart-stopping. The Narrative Short Competition boasts a curated selection of distinctive, genuine storytelling, while the Animated and Midnight Short Competitions offer bite-sized slices of life from across the spectrum. These out-of-competition films are not eligible for the Academy Award Competition, but they will be considered for a number of other awards.

Feature Films

Founded in 1969, the Nashville Film Festival (NashFilm) celebrates innovation and the many voices of the human spirit through storytelling. Taking place in Nashville, Tennessee, the festival features over seven days of in-person screenings, panels and music showcases, parties and other events at various venues throughout the city.

Some of the featured films include Called To The Mountains – In this film, Japanese teenagers discover American folk music. Other features at the festival include Country Brawlers – A raw and intimate look into the lives of professional boxers in Appalachia.

The Nashville Film Festival is proud to present more than 125 in-person screenings, the Creators Conference and live music showcases. The festival also includes the Screenwriting Competition, which welcomes submissions from around the world.

Short Films

NashFilm supports emerging filmmakers from the state of Tennessee and beyond. Using its unique resources and global reach, the non-profit organization engages with local communities through a robust screening program.

Nashville Film Festival features a wide range of short films with a variety of themes. Some are based on true stories and others take viewers into strange worlds. All of the shorts show great creativity and innovation. The film festival also showcases a number of short competition entries.

The short films show the power of the human spirit to defy odds and overcome obstacles. The short films include GLORIA GAYNOR: I WILL SURVIVE, a look at the career of a band that transcends musical genres; and BLACK BARBIE, a tale about an African-American woman who is forced to choose between her family and her art.

Creators Conference

Defying conventions and expectations, the festival seeks bold and extraordinary cinematic work from around the world. Unlike larger film festivals, the event celebrates filmmakers above all else, and is committed to diversity and inclusivity. This year, the festival will host a series of talks and workshops that showcase some of the most innovative films.

Taking the cue from Nashville, the festival will intertwine the magic of cinema with captivating musical performances. This will strengthen the bond between music and film, while showcasing the vibrant connection between local and international communities.

The 2023 Creators Conference will include sessions on topics ranging from a dive into the art of independent filmmaking to an exploration of artificial intelligence. Various panels will address critical industry issues and provide valuable insights to emerging filmmakers.

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The Ins and Outs of Film Festivals

How Film Festivals Work

Filmmakers can find audiences, garner publicity and sometimes even earn some cash from the festival circuit. But how do films get into festivals and what does the entire process look like?

It all starts with the Call for Entries. Filmmakers respond with submissions. Festivals scout out both up-and-coming films headed for theaters and relative unknowns seeking a home.

The Call for Entries

Festivals often open the submission process with a call for films. They will usually specify a deadline, as well as a list of requirements. They may also include a theme or genre for the films they are looking to program.

Filmmakers have a unique opportunity to promote their work in the context of a festival, and to connect with audiences, press and potential buyers. This can be a launching pad for filmmakers that can lead to distribution and further success.

For this reason, it is important for filmmakers to understand how film festivals function before they submit their work. The books of film festival lore are littered with stories of filmmakers who pestered festival staff with inane questions or displayed a sense of entitlement when their films were accepted.

The Screening Process

Filmmakers have to work even harder at a film festival than audiences do. They have to peddle their project to everyone they meet, which isn’t always easy. But savvy filmmakers know that showing at a festival can lead to distribution deals, new agents, and a real lead on some financial remuneration for their work.

Oftentimes, the film programmers at a festival are looking for films that they think their audience will connect with and enjoy. This can be especially true for the bigger festivals like Sundance and Cannes, where there is a lot of competition for a limited number of slots.

When a filmmaker’s film is selected, the director or someone from the cast will be there to introduce the movie. There may also be a Q&A session after the screening.

The Marketing Process

Filmmakers can promote their films on the festival website, attend press conferences and participate in workshops on screenwriting, film production and finding an agent. Savvy filmmakers also create posters and seek coverage in local media to lure audiences to their screenings.

The final decisions on which films to select for a festival are made well in advance of the event. It takes a team of staffers to view all the submissions and decide which are worthy of screening at the festival.

As the opening night curtain descends, filmmakers are often thrilled and relieved. After all, it’s the culmination of years of effort and the moment when their expectations finally meet reality.

The Audience

Film festivals provide audiences with a place to see great movies and connect with their filmmakers. In turn, audiences help to support the filmmakers and create a true win-win scenario for all parties involved.

Many film festival attendees also attend panel discussions and Q&A sessions during the festival. These are led by moderators or celebrities that help to engage the audience and spark a discussion around the films that were shown at the festival.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to the film festival circuit. From the entry fees to the marketing efforts, it can feel like a gamble for a filmmaker, but with some planning and preparation, they can make the most of the experience and possibly make money from the event.

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